Our policy

We want everyone to be able to view our website. This page gives guidance on viewing it and how it has been designed to make that as easy as possible. If you have any questions or comments about the accessibility features, please contact us.

Changing page magnification

You can change the magnification (zoom) of any page using your web browser. This will enlarge all elements of the page equally, images as well as text.

In recent versions of browsers for Windows, pressing the Control key plus the + key (on the main keyboard, not the number pad) will magnify the page and the Control key plus the - key will make it smaller. To return to the default size, press the Control key plus 0 (the figure zero). An alternative is to hold down the Control key and rotate your mouse’s scroll wheel to change the level of zoom.

Other methods for various browsers:

  • In Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, go to the menu and select View followed by Zoom (If the menu isn’t visible, press the Alt key to make it appear. On the keyboard, select Alt + V followed by Alt + Z). Choose the image size you require.
  • In Opera, you need only press the plus or minus keys (+ or -) to change page magnification.
  • With Safari on Apple computers, hold down the Command key (the Apple key) and select the plus key (+) to increase the text size or the minus key (-) to decrease it.

Access keys

Access keys provide keyboard shortcuts to enable users to jump immediately to key pages.

How you activate an access key under Windows depends on your browser. For example, in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, Alt + 1 will take you to the home page. In Firefox use Alt + Shift + 1. In Opera, select Shift + Escape to see a list of current access keys from which you can make a selection. On an Apple computer, press Command plus an access key.

The following access keys have been defined:

  • S — Skip navigation
  • 1 — Home page
  • 6 — Privacy policy
  • 9 — Contact us
  • 0 — This page

Standards compliance

Most pages comply with Level AAA of the 2.0 revision of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the remainder to Level AA.

Pages validate as HTML5 and use valid Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) as determined by the W3C Validation Services. If you turn CSS off the content will still be readable. Page structures match the needs of screen readers.

Versions of Internet Explorer before 9.0 are obsolete and aren’t supported; they won’t render pages as intended.

News & information

Celebrating Thornbury fair: On 30 March, showcasing local clubs and societies & volunteering opportunities. More here.

Volunteer Managers’ Network: The next meeting, focussing on planning for Volunteer Week, has been arranged for Wednesday 6 March. Details here.

Help raise funds through AmazonSmile: If you shop at Amazon we are donated funds. More information.

Updated mailing list: You can now manage your subscription to our mailing list for yourself.

Volunteering opportunities: Most of our many volunteering opportunities are advertised nationally and can be searched online here. Some are advertised locally only and are listed here.

We’re on social media: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and events. And all our volunteering opportunities appear there as they’re published.

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Thornbury Volunteer Centre is a registered charity, number 1180775. The Town Hall, 35 High Street, Thornbury, BS35 2AR. Hours: Monday‑Friday, 10.30‑12.00; Tel: 01454 413392

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