About volunteering

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is about giving your time to a good cause. You don’t get paid, but you do get the chance to use your talents, develop new skills, and experience the pleasure that comes from making a real difference to other people’s lives, as well as your own.

Who can do it?

Anyone. Whatever your age, background or work experience, you will have a skill someone needs. No matter how busy you are, there will be something you can do. It can be trickier to find volunteer roles if you are under 16, but not impossible. Just ask us.

Among many possibilities, volunteers run the Over 60s Café in Thornbury Town Hall.

What can I do?

Anything. (Almost.) More than 100 different volunteer roles are available in Thornbury and its surrounding area. Everything from driving to gardening, befriending to administration, fundraising to shop work. There’s something for everyone.

Worried about risk or liability?

We will do our best to ensure that we signpost you towards organisations with appropriate insurance cover and safeguarding procedures to ensure that your volunteering experience is happy and healthy

Volunteers collecting furniture for resale at the Multiple Sclerosis People’s Help charity shop

How do I do it?

There are many ways to get in touch with the Volunteer Centre and find an opportunity that inspires you.

You can contact us by phone or email or drop in to the office for a face-to-face meeting where you can talk through your thoughts and needs with a Volunteer Co-ordinator.

You can browse a range of opportunities or register as a volunteer straightaway.

Want to find out more?

See our our Frequently-asked questions (FAQ) page for more information or download our leaflet about volunteering.

News & information

Celebrating Thornbury fair: On 30 March, showcasing local clubs and societies & volunteering opportunities. More here.

Volunteer Managers’ Network: The next meeting, focussing on planning for Volunteer Week, has been arranged for Wednesday 6 March. Details here.

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Volunteering opportunities: Most of our many volunteering opportunities are advertised nationally and can be searched online here. Some are advertised locally only and are listed here.

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