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Essilor Ltd Thornbury, world leader in vision solutions, asked us how their employees could become involved in the local community.

Essilor agreed to publish current volunteering opportunities on their staff notice boards and held meetings with employees encouraging them to volunteer. Line managers were briefed and staff were allowed time out of their working day to volunteer.

Essilor volunteers working in the Turnberrie’s Garden.

After attending a business and voluntary organisations lunch we organised, Thornbury in Bloom approached Essilor for help with the garden at Turnberrie’s and at Filnore Woods.

A group of staff have volunteered in the garden at Turnberrie’s each Tuesday, clearing borders and planting, and in Filnore Woods, helping working parties and scything grass. They plan to carry on into 2016.

Guy Rawlinson of Thornbury in Bloom says “Liaising with the Volunteer Centre, Essilor, Turnberrie's and Filnore Woods helps us achieve community participation.”

This was reinforced by Tina, manager of the Turnberrie’s garden: “Our team is astounded at the support and generosity Essilor are showing in co-working with us. I want it recognised how amazing the team are. Simply amazing.”

The feeling is mutual. Pete Dodd of Essilor replied, “We are pleased, excited and humbled by the experience at Turnberrie’s, such a great group of people to be around. I hope we can continue the relationship with Tina and all the guys there. It really has been a pleasure for all the Essilor team, including Essilor MD Mike Kirkley who sponsored the activities.”

Essilor volunteers

Essilor are just one example of how volunteering can demonstrate their commitment to the local community, building up their reputation and profile. Staff develop skills and a real sense of accomplishment, in the process improving their morale and loyalty and ultimately helping the business keep staff.

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